Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Enjoying the little things!

HI Divas & Dukes,

I'm sitting looking at my Christmas tree trimmed with all the ornaments given to us by dear freinds over the years and I'm feeling truly blessed.

This has been a tough year for so many families ALL over the world.I'm finding myself enjoying the little things. A handnmade gift given to a dear friend,a cup of tea with homemade goodies given to us by someone special. Sitting gazing at our tree with Buddy the cat sitting on my lap or him lounging under the tree where he thinks he's invisable!

These are the moments I wish for you and your family this year. The Christmas madness starts so early and I just want us all to take a moment and breathe in the smell pine cones, cinnamon, or the fragrence of your favorite candle.

I hope you find the time to share with us some on your Favorite Christmas traditions.

Happy Holidays!

Diva Danielle

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Diva Doctrine

HI Divas And Dukes,

It's Monday and I love to see what all my friends are up to thru Twitter. I feel like I'm connected to them thru the "Crafting Cosmos"(tm) even though we live all over the globe.

So, I'm reading Cathy Murillo"s (The Crafty Chica) tweets and on them I see the infamous word "Judging" and I look at her Blog. OMG! I was so upset for her. She's one of the most sweetest,talented,ladies you'll ever have the great pleasure to meet.

She tells the story of her helping and encouraging someone in the "Art' community and then being snubbed by this individual and her friends. They felt she wasn't worthy! Being the Leo that I am and fiercely loyal, I just wanted to jump on a plane and find out who this sad person was and tell them they're NUTS!

Instead, I've decided to write my frustrations out on our Blog. Rayme and I try to keep it our Blog Creative and positive but we always have the conversation of "Why are people so judgmental & why are women so hurtful to each other?" This is something I've puzzled over for decades(since I was 7).

Being in the theatre you're always judged. You know "Life is a constant audition" but you learn to accept that as part of the process to get another gig! One of the most challenging and rewarding adventures was jumping head first into the crafting world 10 years ago! I think it helped that I wore a ball gown and my tiara!

It always floors me when I hear about the mean things people say and do to each other. Like "La Chica" said, She just blesses and releases them! But really! Why do we need to go there in the first place!

So, you're asking yourself "where is she going with this?" The Diva Doctrine of course! "Dare to be BOLD , Different,and always KIND" Every week I sign off the show with that little saying for a reason. I want you all to go out there and do something that you wouldn't normally do. I want you to experience something different and wonderful and I REALLY want you to be KIND to yourself and others.

Here's our challenge....This is for me too! We're going to stop ourselves from saying and doing things that we'll regret later. We're sending loving, positive things out into the universe to spread happiness and joy! Pollyanna? maybe, but what a great world it would be if we all did this. One Diva & Duke at a time!

Love & positive thoughts,

Diva Danielle

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September Already?????

September! It didn't hit me until Danielle and I were talking on our radio show today about the date....September!!! Wow!
I know I say it a lot, but as we all get busier in our lives, hanging on to and recognizing every moment as a precious seems to be more vital now than ever. For me, I'm keeping that consciousness going....and going....and going....;-)

There's been a lot of creative opportunities going on and I so look forward to the fall. I'm looking forward to creating new greeting card designs using more things around the house and of course, the things I happen upon in my garage. It is stuffed with all kinds of boxes of craft stuff, yard stuff, you name it, it's there. And if you happen to have a garage and you have the slightest bit of creativity (which we ALL do), then you know exactly what my garage looks like....YOURS!!!

It's fun to go shopping in there! AND, I've already purchased it! Time to pull out those old living room paintings in their out-dated frames and have some fun with them! I love taking things like that and making them into cards. This means taking the canvas and tearing it be EXTREMELY careful that you're not unwittingly tearing up an early Picasso!

But this time I want to take the same idea and re-arrange the small squares that I have torn up and make a colorful collage out of it. Re-dress the picture frame, perhaps spray paint it jet black or maybe a smooth silver, and put the new work back in the new frame. I'm playing more with arranging the squares to give it more of a mosaic look and I sure do love the process as much as I like the final out-come. And with the mosaic theme, (although I haven't done this yet and it is popping into my mind as I write this), it might be really cool to fill in all of the cracks between the squares with a fine glitter! Talk about an added POP!

Give it a try and let me know how it turns out for you!

Keep it JOY-FULL!!!!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

CHA Summer & Carol Duvall!

Hi Divas & Dukes!

I've just returned form CHA Summer in Orlando, Fla. I have to say it's not my favorite time of the year to be visiting Fla. You know it's humid when you walk outside with your sin glasses on and they fog up in 1 second! But I'm SO HAPPY I went to the show!

I had the honor and privilege to hang out and chat with Carol Duvall on Monday evening! I have to say I was so thrilled to be able to talk with THE crafting Icon. She's so gracious and very witty! Just like her show. Boy, I miss her show. Maybe we can talk her into coming on for a chat!

I loved the products I saw & the companies that attended . It gave me a chance to really check out the products and chat with the great people who are heading up some wonderful products to keep us really inspired!

As always we broadcast Diva Craft Lounge "Live from CHA". This time it was a little challenging because I had to scope out all the companies in less than 8 hours. Thank goodness for comfy shoes! A big thanks to Rayme Royale & our producer for making that possible!

A special thanks to Richard Wilk from Mark Richards for hosting us in their booth! I loved being surrounded by all the Bling!

AS promised Here are the companies we chatted about! Here we go!

Mark Richards
Provo Craft
Graphic 45
Shirley's 2 Girls
Jill-e Designs
International Arrivals
Clear Snap
Nikki Sivils
My Little Shoebox
Pink Paislee
Hambly Studios
Stamping Station
Bella BLVD
Glitz Designs
Crafters Companion
Maya Road
Ta Da
Buttons Galore
Tattered Angels
Sparkle N Sprinkle
Snowy Lane Crafts
Clover Needlecraft
Plaid Enerprises
Clear Scraps
Harmonie Loisirs Creatifs
Viva Decor

OK That's it! Oh my Gosh, I'm ready to create/play just thinking about all those great companies with wonderful products. Can't wait to bring some of these Diva-lish companies on Diva Craft Lounge Radio.

Have a Diva Day!

Diva Danielle

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Warm Days, Warm Things To Do!

Hey Divas and Dukes ~

Not like the rest of the country at the moment, San Diego is in a heat spell as well. I know I can't complain because we are at least 90 percent of the time in Paradise weather. So when it gets to the high 80's or more, we tend to be a bit of a 'wilting lilies' here. Such as we are!

But with the hot weather there is always new things to do and try. I don't know what it is this summer but almost every home or food magazine I have picked up this season has been talking about making your own ICE CREAM SANDWICHES!!!! What could be a better combo for summer anyway?

Tonight, my mom, (Mama Royale) is in town visiting and we just finished making a set of delicious ice cream sandwiches for a birthday dinner tonight. SUPER EASY! Okay, if we went through the trouble of making our own cookies and our own ice cream, like so many of the magazine articles I have read say to do, then, yes, I too would be a rival of Martha Stewarts. But since the warm weather calls for quick and easy, I will give you my EASY recipe for ice cream sandwiches.

Are you ready?

Get cookies of your choice at the store. Larger ones work better.
Get ice cream of your choice at the store.
Leave the ice cream out to soften.
Turn a cookie upside down on a large plate, place a generous scoop of ice cream on top of it, place the other cookie on top of that, smash it down a bit, trim the excess ice cream off the sides with a knife, wrap in a piece of plastic wrap and freeze for a couple of hours.

SERVE! Thank you very much!!! (We're going to put them on a plate drizzled with chocolate sauce and then pour a jigger of Bailey's Irish Cream on top....just because we CAN!)

Instant gratification is what the hot summer months calls for, and I invite you all to take part in an easy and quite impressive dessert for you and your friends.

When you do make them, write to me on this blog and tell me what combinations or embellishments YOU did to make the traditional sandwich cookies uniquely your own!

Keep it JOY-FULL!!!

Big Duke HUGS,


Thursday, July 16, 2009


HI Divas & Dukes!

One of my favorite things about summer is spending more time with my twin nephews. They're going into the 3rd grade and they have very busy schedules during the school year. So summer time is a great time for spontaneous get togethers. And with the economy the way it is we're taking "Daycations" Mini trips around San Diego.

Tues we decided to take a quick trip to the San Diego Zoo. It's the 2nd largest in the world. We have member passes so we can pop in and spend a few hours and leave. My sis and I have been taking them to the zoo since they were babies. It was fun for them and great exercise for us. I still cringe thinking about pushing a double stroller up those steep hills and laughing all the way!

Now that they're older they like to pick out where we go. We always have to see the snakes first! NOT my favorite! I always have the image in first the Harry Potter movie where the glass disappears and the HUGE snake is free.

I decided it would be fun to give my nephews throw away cameras and see the zoo thru their eyes. It's always fun to see what they find interesting enough to take pictures of. It's also fun to see things at their height. We're going to make a mini book with the pictures we develop. Then they'll tell their story! They love to write. It's going to be an ongoing project for the summer. Lots of great memories they can look back on with their favorite Auntie!

What are some of the places in your town you like to share with your family?

Have a Diva Day/Summer!

Diva Danielle

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Full Swing Summer!

Hey Divas and Dukes!

Now that mid-July is here (and leaving FAST), I find myself in a place of wanting to purge a lot of my household items and make things neater, easier, etc. For the last few years I have gently swayed my friends to avoid giving me lovely 'coffee table' items, etc., as much as, let's go out for a special cupcake and enjoy each other's company. This is always a bigger gift for me.

So with the items that I finally start looking at seriously to decide if I still want, I am in a great place to look at them in a new light and see if they can indeed be made into something else! Thus, the creative, 'crafty' mind comes into play.

Having spoken with Jenny Doh, the editor-in-chief of Somerset Magazines on our radio show today, we tapped into the fact that our upbringings lead us to learn to be creative without a lot of supplies. In other words, make do with what you have. And from that basic thought, I love turning things into new and wonderful objects either for myself or as gifts for loved ones.

I just received some very cool vintage restaurant china dishes from a great aunt who recently passed away. I am so thrilled to have them, but alas, with the move, one of the dinner plates cracked all the way through. Not enough to get actually broken, but the crack lines are there. I gave it to Danielle who is starting to collect such items for a project she's working on and with the full permission for her to 'bust it up' if she wanted. Instead, she liked the pattern on the china so much, (lovely little cherry blossoms in pink with black stems) that she has decided to turn it into a cake plate on a stand! Finding the right piece of pink depression glass vase or candle holder will make that plate so beautiful and give it a brand new life.

So look around your own surroundings dear ones and re-invent those "I should get rid of that" items! The possibilities are ENDLESS!!

Keep it Joy-FULL!!!